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Faxes may be old technology, but they're often required for legal documents. How do you fax in a home office without running to Kinkos, or setting up a phone line and Fax machine?

Even though we live in a digital world, every so often, we need to Fax a document. Moreover, for legal reasons, ostensibly because it can't be modified, we need to Fax some form. So, how can a tiny home office Fax without running down to Kinkos or setting up a land phone line and Fax machine?

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I'll show you a free method.

You know the drill, you're purchasing a new home, and the Realtor sends over a document; "just sign it and fax it back to the escrow company." I wish it were that easy, but you need another solution to do this. Otherwise, it's off to the office supply store, or for the one or two documents you fax annually, you'll need a complete setup with an all-in-one printer/fax machine or, worse yet, a dedicated fax machine and telephone landline. Neither solution is ideal.

Enter Free Fax. Of course, there are some limitations, but for the occasional legal document you need to fax, Free Fax is your solution. The site is self-explanatory, but you still need to deal with signing the document. Once signed, you need to turn it into a PDF file. If you have a smartphone, just search the app store for a PDF maker. Essentially you use the app to take an image of the document with your signature, turn it into a PDF and attach it to the Free Fax app.  Easy.

If you start to need to scan more and more documents, you'll need a scanner. Without going all out, one of the best small scanners is the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 wireless mobile scanner for either Mac or PC. You can also use this for the occasional document you need to store in Evernote or Dropbox. Use it and keep it back in your desk drawer. Other ScanSnap scanners have greater capacity, but this may be all you need for a small office.

That's it. Free fax with the PDF from your free smartphone app. There are ways around almost any office problem.

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