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"Hypaethral" was selected, truthfully, as clickbait. What is "hypaethral?" Hypaethral is anything "without a roof" or "open air." And...that describes many of the topics discussed on this blog. I am, by nature, an outdoors person. I'm interested in fly fishing, landscape and street photography, and everything outdoors. So what should be the menu option?  Well, hypaethral is the perfect adjective for these varied outdoor interests. And...it also got you to click.  Enjoy...!!!

Some of the topics covered

Hypaethral covers several outdoor topics. I explore Landscape Photography (see this gallery) and street and, soon, Infrared Images. I cover reviews of everyday carry items such as sharpeners, knives, and even tactical lights. But there's more, so if you're interested in this, you'll want to check back often...or...subscribe to my email and get notifications of new articles.

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