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Jan 14
Not one stone left
Jan 07
Coming up on The Inevitable Truth
Dec 10
The Seven Parables of the Kingdom in Matthew 13
Nov 19
The Inevitable Truth
Nov 05
Peter's Rock
Oct 29
Who Are The Saints?
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The Thieves on the Cross
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How to Work Your Way Into Heaven
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Was Peter Married?
Oct 01
What Does Purgatory Cost During Inflation?
Sep 24
Killing Christ
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The Virgin Mary
Sep 13
How False Doctrine Infects Churches and Some Disinfecting Options
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What Happened to the Babies in Limbo?
Sep 02
The 9 Commandments
Aug 27
Your Invitation to "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mass"
Aug 09
Falling Away From the Faith
Aug 05
A Statement of Faith
Jul 02
Understanding the Book of Revelation
Jun 12
Have Nothing To Do With Darkness – Rather Expose It